• ANNUAL UPDATE 2021-2022

    • En español: NUEVO Proceso de Actualización Anual para 2021-2022

      During the week of July 19, when the Annual Update Application is available for each child currently enrolled in Humble ISD, an email will be sent to parents and guardians using their email address on file. 

      A current student is defined as any student who was actively enrolled on the last day of the 2020-2021 school year in any Humble ISD campus. You are a current student even if you have moved within the Humble ISD boundaries and are attending a new campus in 2021-22 or if you are attending a new school due to promotion (i.e. moving from 5th grade elementary to attend 6th grade Middle School or moving from 8th grade Middle School to attend 9th grade High School). 

      Once the email is received that an Annual Update is available for a student, a parent can complete and submit the form in Home Access Center (HAC). 

      Steps for completing the Annual Update:

      1. Log in to Home Access Center and check the student name in the top right corner. Select the drop-down circle to change to a new student, if needed.

      2. From the Registration page, select the Update Enrollment tab.

      3. Select Start to access the Annual Update Registration.

        Steps for Annual Update

      4. Set-up Access to Online Enrollment Forms

        1. Select the Checkbox for "To comply with COPPA, I affirm that I am 13 years or older" 

        2. Select Begin Forms

          Powerschool forms

      5. For security purposes, enter the student's birthdate to access the Annual Update.

        DOB Authentication

      6. Please upload proof of residency and updated immunization records (SIGNED or STAMPED by the physician) in the Annual Update application. Optionally, these documents may be given to the campus registrar. Check campus website for registrar appointment options. 

      7. SUBMIT the Annual Update by August 10, 2021.

      8. Check your campus website for back to school updates and information.