Support the Arts

  • As a supporter of the arts in education, we are asking you to please click on the links below to print or email the form letter addressed to our state legislature and Humble ISD board members to help keep art in your child’s curriculum.

    The Council for Art Education states on their website

    Art education is often wrongly considered a “fringe” program.  In reality, it provides students’ skills they will need as adults.  Art education develops self-esteem and self expression, as well as, appreciation for the work of others.  It also develops critical thinking skills that will be important as children continue their education and as they enter the working world.  Our fast-changing environment will require that future leaders - today’s children - be creative and imaginative in problem-solving.  These skills are learned best by students involved in art.

    Link To Form Letter
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    Also, please visit the following art advocacy websites: