• Severe Weather Dismissal

    Severe weather dismissal will be called no later than 2:55 if we determine the weather outside is unsafe for bikers and walkers to travel in. Once we decide to have severe weather dismissal, we will post it on the website and email/text you. 

    All bikers and walkers will be available to be picked up from the main office entrance facing Oak Briar Drive. They will not be placed in the car rider line. Parents may pick up their biker or walker from the front entrance after the daycare buses have cleared, typically around 3:10. All students that are normally car riders will be dismissed from the normal car rider line on Upper Lake Drive as usual. 

    ONLY bikers and walkers will be able to be picked up at the main entrance on Oak Briar.

    If the weather eases, we will release any bikers and walkers not picked up after the car rider line is finished to ensure their safety.