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    Humble ISD offers testing in the Fall, Spring, and Summer. Students who Test are testing to skip the grade next year. They will remain in their current placement for the remainder of the current school year. 

    • These assessments are for skipping a grade only. A student must score and 80% or higher on Science, Social Students, Reading, Language Arts, and Mathematics in order to advance. 
    • Please contact the RPE Counselors for more information and to register for the exams. 
    • For students interested in skipping a grade for the next school year, testing will be available from October 19-23rd. Registration is due by October 2nd, and for more information please contact your campus counselor. 

     Below are the dates and deadlines for 2020-2021

    Testing Dates      Deadline
    Fall Testing
    October 19-23, 2020
    Registration Deadline October 2, 2020

    Spring Testing
    March 8-12, 2021
    Registration Deadline February 16, 2021

    Summer Testing
    June 7-10, 2021
    July 5-8, 2021
    Registration Deadline May 7, 2020