• When Can I do my Tryout?

    Following are the times you will be able to complete your tryout test. You are welcome to come in person, or to join Mr. Wooley via Zoom. If you join via Zoom, the tryout test will be emailed to you, and you will have to complete it while remaining on Zoom (please be aware that the actual competition will be in person and cannot be completed virtually). Here is the Zoom link: Click Here to Zoom


    Monday: 11:25-12:30, 2:50-3:40

    Tuesday: 11:25-1:25, 2:50-3:50

    Wednesday: 11:25-1:25, 2:50-3:50

    Thursday: 11:25-1:25, 2:50-3:50



    How long do tryouts take?

    See the list below for the amount of time you will have to complete the tryout exam. Please be familiar with the rules of your event before beginning your tryout exam. I will be helping a lot of students at once, so I will likely not be able to explain the intricacies of your event right then and there.


    Accounting: 60 minutes


    Calculator Applications: 30 minutes


    Computer Applications:30 minutes


    Computer Science: 45 minutes


    Current Issues & Events: 30 minutes (the real time for competition is 60 minutes, but I am making my own test for tyrouts)


    Editorial Writing: 45 minutes


    Feature Writing: 60 minutes


    Headline Writing: 45 minutes


    Mathematics: 40 minutes


    News Writing: 45 minutes


    Number Sense: 10 minutes


    Ready Writing: 1 hour (the real version at competition will take 2 hours)


    Science:  2 hours (if possible, please try to take this in the 11:25-1:25 time slot on Tues, Wed, or Thurs)


    Spelling & Vocabulary: 30 minutes (this will be a shortened version - the real version at competition will take 2 hours)