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  • Did you know that you have acces to an eBook resource that can be accessed from school, home, or on-the-go—Capstone Interactive eBooks! These eBooks can be used with a laptop or desktop computer or an iPad.

    Students can access them anytime, anywhere! Best of all, Capstone Interactive eBooks provide critical supports like text-highlighting and readaloud audio, recorded by professional voice-over artists, to model pronunciation and fluency. Plus, the easy navigation makes it inviting for your student to find their Capstone favorites: like the spunky Katie Woo, stunning photography from PebblePlus books, and thrilling reads like Library of Doom from Michael Dahl. And you can feel comfortable knowing your student is exploring an adfree website bursting with resources to help them read in and out of the classroom.


Capstone Homepage

How to Login:

    • Go to MyHumble
    • Click on PebbleGo
    • In the upper right hand corner, click "Capstone Interactive"
    • Login (Username: lakeland   Password: read)
Capstone Login