• What is the TSIA 2.0?

    The TSI Assessment (TSIA) is part of the Texas Success Initiative program designed to help your college or university determine if you are ready for college-level course work in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics. If you are an incoming college student in Texas, you are required to take the TSI Assessment - unless you are already exempt (read below) - to determine your readiness for college-level work. Based on how you perform, you may either be enrolled in a college-level course and/or be placed in the appropriate developmental course or intervention to improve your skills and prepare you for success in college-level courses.

     Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board - TSI Overview


    TSIA 2.0 Scoring

    *Each section starts with a placement test.  If a student does not receive a qualifying score in the placement test, they are moved into the Diagnostic test.  The diagnostic test is a second opportunity to pass with a qualifying score.  Students should take the Diagnostic section as serious as the placement test for the best opportunity to pass.

    Required Math Score - 950 on the placement test or a 6 on the Diagnostic test

    Required ELAR Score - 945 on the placement test or at least a 5 on the Diagnostic test

    Required Essay Score - 5


    Testing at Sconzo ECHS

    While the test is designed for high school graduates to check for college readiness, all 9th graders are required to take the TSIA 2.0 before the start of their freshmen year.  As a freshmen, students can be enrolled in two dual credit courses by just taking the assessment (DC Physical Education and EDUC embedded in the spring semester of AVID 1).  

    9th graders should not be too discouraged about not passing the TSI on their first attempt.  9th and 10th grade classes increase student knowledge and skills that support success on the TSI.  Sconzo has numerous systems built into the program to support student success on the TSI and students have opportunities throughout the year to retest in order to be enrolled in their dual credit classes throughout the course walk.  

     All incoming 9th grade students will be required to attend Bridge Camp in early June (dates will be provided after acceptances are mailed).  Bridge Camp will provide TSIA 2.0 review sessions and students will test on the last day. 

    Current Students - TSIA 2.0 Testing Directions and Dates

    Students must complete 6 tutorials before each monthly TSI testing and administration.  Use the TSI Tutorial Log to record your tutorials.  3 tutorials must be with a teacher and 3 can be done by completing 3 full APEX units (Accessing APEX Tutorials Directions).

    A sign-up form will be sent out via Mrs. Burke's Schoology group and a Knight Connect (email) at the beginning of each month for students to sign up for that testing administration.  

    Students can test during their Learning Labs, MAPS, or release periods.  Students may not miss academic classes to take the TSI.  If a student does not have a learning lab to test in, please contact Melyssa.Burke@humbleisd.net at least 1 week before the testing sessions to determine if other options are available. 

    Spring 2022 SECHS Testing Dates 

    January 26th - Periods 1-4
    January 27th - Periods 5-8
    Testing Session at SECHS (look for district email communication regarding registration)

    March 23rd - Periods 1-4
    March 24th - Periods 5-8

    April 20th - Periods 1-4
    April 21st - Period 5-8

    May 16th - Periods 1-4
    May 17th - Periods 5-8


    Testing at Lone Star College-Kingwood

    At this time, LSC-K is offering both on-site testing and remote testing at the Kingwood campus.  First time testing is free at LSC-K.  Retesting is $10 per section or $29 for the entire test.  Remote/virtual testing is $25.  Follow the steps below to set up testing with LSC-K:

    1. First time testers complete the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) online: https://www.tsipreview.com/welcome/lone-star-college-system. This must be done before the test request is processed (TSI Exam only). Once the PAA is completed, students will get a completion certificate that they must present to the Testing Center. This can be sent via email to the Testing Center at Kingwood.Testing@lonestar.edu.

    2. Students email KC-DualCredit@lonestar.edu with full name, LSC ID #, and the test sections need to take

    3. Students will receive a testing code 

    4. Once students receive a testing code, email Kingwood.Testing@lonestar.edu to set up a testing session 

    5. When the student has taken the TSI, send the office PDF score report to mkburke@humbleisd.net . (Screenshots will not be accepted; report must clearly show date taken, student identification info, and scores)

    ****All communication with Lone Star must be completed through a personal email address or the student's LSC email address.  Humble ISD email addresses go directly to Lone Star SPAM/JUNK folders.    


    Preparing for the TSIA

    1. https://www.test-guide.com/free-tsi-practice-tests.html

    2. https://www.tsipracticetest.com/

    3. https://sites.austincc.edu/tsiprep/tsi-practice-tests/

    4. https://www.mometrix.com/academy/tsi-practice-test/ 

    5. https://www.test-guide.com/free-tsi-practice-tests.html

    6. www.testprepreview.com/accuplacer_practice.htm  (TSI is same as Accuplacer)

    7. www.thea.nesinc.com/practice.htm (Tests are at the bottom of page)

    8. https://www.tsipracticetest.com/tsi-essay-guide/

    9. Access the free TSI-A Study App: Type “130095469,” “Texas,” or “TSI” into the Search window at store.collegeboard.org.  A link to the TSI Assessment Web-Based Study App is included in the Student Resources section on the platform’s Welcome Page.   Go to Accuplacer.org, click on the Information for Student section on the right, then click on “interactive on-line learning tool” in the paragraph.  This will then lead you to the page to click on the FREE APP!!!