• About Study Buddy


    What is Study Buddy?

    Study Buddy is a club that promotes learning and growth for younger students through the help of Kingwood High School.

    Our members are KHS students, who serve as tutors to middle and elementary school students, helping them thrive academically, all the while instilling a sense of community.

    Members of our club volunteer as tutors and personally assist younger students in one on one sessions.

    These sessions all take place simultaneously during one main assembly.

    Typically, these assemblies would be held in a public space, but due to COVID protocols, our sessions have been moved to Zoom.

    In these Zoom assemblies, younger students are partnered with their tutors in individual breakout rooms to receive their help.


    Why should I join?

    Study Buddy offers a plethora of volunteer opportunities.

    Volunteering is an important part of our society's structure, but it is also a sought after activity on resumes.

    Any hours spent volunteering for Study Buddy can be used to fulfill volunteer requirements in other clubs, 

    but in order to do so, one must fill out our membership application form.


    How do I sign up to tutor?

    Please visit our Apply For Membership tab.



    If you have any questions, feel free to email rapkal6422@humbleisd.net.