• Boy Bad Flier     

    BATTLE OF THE BOY BANDS - Nov 17 at the 8th grade football game.

    Let’s get the temperature rising on the donations. In just a few weeks, on November 17 th , at the 8 th grade football game against Creekwood, yours truly with some of my sidekicks will be taking on the Creekwood staff in a Battle of Boy Bands. OK…so here is the lineup, but know this…you have to donate to unlock each member of my band. We are currently right at $8,000 in donations this year. Once we get to $10,000, you will unlock Mr. Tapner. At $11,00 you will unlock Mr. Katafiasz. At $13,000 you will unlock Mr. Eidsness. And at $15,000 you will unlock Mr. Adley.

    Now…it’s very important that you unlock each of my dancers. Remember…this is a competition against Creekwood. Mr. Winicki and I have agreed that the winner of the dance off will get to spray paint theother team’s hair in the winning teams’ school colors. Let’s do this Longhorns.