• Art Masterpiece

    What is the Art Masterpiece Program?

    Art Masterpiece is an art enrichment program designed to further a students' appreciation of art by getting to know some of the world's great artists. We hope this program will spark and encourage interest and creativity in the students' own art endeavors. Studies have shown that involvement in the arts leads to greater success in school. Parent volunteers will visit the classrooms five times throughout the school year to introduce a reproduction of a great work of art. They give a brief background of the artist's life and style, discuss the artist's artwork, and engage the students in a fun hands-on project.

    Do I have to know a lot about art to participate?

    No, many of the parent volunteers come with little or no background in art. You can learn right along with the students. Suggestions for art projects are available, along with helpful notes about what works well. You are welcome to contact the Art Masterpiece Coordinator for any ideas.

    What is the Art Walk?

    Every spring during Open House, the Art Masterpiece program has an Art Walk event. This is a special evening where students' artwork is displayed and enjoyed by family and friends.

    Do you have more questions?

    If you have any questions, please contact our Art Masterpiece Coordinator, Toni Cosper at artmasterpiece@bbepta.com.

    Please consider volunteering. Children love this program and you will receive more than you give!!!