Capturing the memories

  • The yearbook staff works very hard every year to capture the memories of all the students at AHS. Our goal is for every student to have a yearbook at the end of the year. The yearbook at AHS is considered a "spring book" edition, which means that the final pages are submitted to the printer by March 10. This allows for the staff to cover most of the events of the school year and still be able to deliver the yearbook by the end of school. In the 2022 yearbook, the yearbook staff created a supplement that was inserted into the yearbook that covered events from spring break to the end of April. A supplement will be included in this year's book as well. In addition, the newspaper staff plans to print a paper that will cover even more events at the end of the school year. 

    It is very important that you purchase your yearbook by February because the final number of books ordered is required from the printing company at that time. Each year, the staff looks at the number of books ordered by February and then makes an educated guess (based on previous year's sales) on how many extra yearbooks also need to be ordered. The number of yearbooks ordered changes each year, so to guarantee that you receive a yearbook, purchase your yearbook by February. There will be extra copies, but those yearbooks are sold first come, first served. 

    Buy your yearbook by Sept. 9 to receive the best price of the year. In addition, if you purchase a yearbook by Sept 9, you can get four free icons with the purchase of personalization. To personalize your yearbook, your student’s name will appear on the cover and you can choose up to four personal icons from among 70 options.

    Purchase a Yearbook online: Jostens Yearbooks

    Yearbook prices

    • Best Offer: $80 from July 1 to Sept. 9
    • Second offer: $87 from Sept. 10 to March 10
    • Third offer: $95 from March 11 until supplies last
    • Personalization $7 (includes four free icons before Sept. 9. After Sept 9, icons are $5).

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