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    Posted by Celia Herbst on 3/1/2021

    To encourage more students to participate in upper level courses and to pursue specific interests in a four-year sequence of courses for which there is no honors designation, the district will allow high school students to apply for a Pass/Fail grading option for any course above and beyond graduation requirements. Courses taken as Pass/Fail will not count towards graduation requirements, including endorsements. Students may take up to four credits (eight semesters) as Pass/Fail. These Pass/Fail courses will be excluded in the computation of grade point averages and class rank. Pass/Fail applications must be submitted each semester. 

    Students who elect this option: 

    • Must complete the pass/fail link. 
    • LINK: Click here
    • Spring Pass/Fail Applications will open Monday 3/1/2021 & close 4/5/2021 at 3pm. 

    Students may not request a change back to a traditional numerical grade on the transcript, once the Pass/Fail option is approved; 

    • will receive numerical grades on progress reports and report cards for eligibility purposes; 
    • will receive a P(Pass) or F(Fail) for the semester grade associated with that course(s) on the transcript; 
    • may NOT Pass/Fail a dual credit course. 


    Teachers will continue to promote academic success by: 

    • encouraging students to attend tutorials if necessary; 
    • monitoring student progress by grading student work in a timely manner; 
    • communicating with parents regarding concerns about attendance, academics, or behavior; 
    • adhering to district policies regarding grading and reporting of student progress at 3 week, 6 week, and 9 week intervals. 

    Students, before completing the Pass/Fail application, please be mindful of how a Pass/Fail course will affect eligibility for UIL, school–approved activities, grade point average, and class rank. 

    Completion of the application does not guarantee pass/fail. Counselor approval is required after electronic application is submitted. Counselors will communicate with each student via email regarding the status of their pass/fail application. If denied, the reason will be given.



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