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    KPHS Counselors

    Week 6: Join us!  College Admission, Humble ISD Virtual College Fair, HARN, College infor (Scholarships, ACT/SAT/TSI) 


    Week 5: Join us!  Time Managment Quiz and 7 Time Management Tips


    Week 4: Join us!  Student Online Learning Tips, How to Study, How do you learn?, How to Prepare for the PSAT


    Week 3: Join us!  Tour of the KPHS Library, KPHS Important Places, KPHS Virtual Open House, Schoology Groups


    Week 2: Join us!  Schoology, Flex hour tutoring and clubs, Why do zero's hurt? 


    Week 1: Join us!  Meet your counselors, CBS Mindfullness studio, Nature Connections, Videos for Teachers, Parents, & Students, College Planning/Admissions