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    KPHS Counselor's Corner


    HELPFUHeL DoHELPFUL Document for  Freshman Course Elective Sheet 2020-21

    HELPFUL Document for Course Seletion KPHS Elective Sheet 2020-21

    HELPFUL Document for Virtual Elective Course Selection KPHS 2021-22 Virtual Electives


    HELPFUL Document for Virtual Student Course Planning KPHS Virtual Course Planning

    HELPFUL PRESENTATION FOR PARENTS:  Join Us!    KPHS Conversations with Counselors - The Struggle is REAL!!


    Week 9 Spring   Join us! Stay connected during social distancing

    Week 8 Spring   Join us Dual Credit Academy / EOC Assessmente 

    Week 7 Spring  Join us! Feeling Trapped during Covid

    Week 6 Spring Join us!   Growth Mindsets

    Week 5 Spring Join us!  I am " Change your mindset" 

    Week 4 Spring   Join Us!  Course Selection 2021-22  & What's in Your Backpack  

    Week 3 Spring  Join Us    Couse Selection 2021-22

    Week 2 Spring  Join Us    Minimizing Isolation, Loneliness and Depression while Socially Distancing 

    Week 1 Spring: Join us!   Course Selection 2021-22 



     Week 12: Join us! 5 Ways to stay Motivated During Finals Week & Books to Read during Christmas Break


     Week 11: Join us! How to Make yourself Study when you have ZERO Motivation & other relevant Videos


     Week 10: Join us! 1st Annual Friendsgiving! 


     Week 9: Join us! Naviance 101!  Counselor Meeting sign ups


     Week 8: Join us!  Red Ribbon Pledge, The Science of Addition 


     Week 7: Join us!  CRASH COURSES: 1) Taking Notes, 2) Reading Assignments, 3) Memory, and 4) Planning & Organization


    Week 6: Join us!  College Admission, Humble ISD Virtual College Fair, HARN, College infor (Scholarships, ACT/SAT/TSI) 


    Week 5: Join us!  Time Managment Quiz and 7 Time Management Tips


    Week 4: Join us!  Student Online Learning Tips, How to Study, How do you learn?, How to Prepare for the PSAT


    Week 3: Join us!  Tour of the KPHS Library, KPHS Important Places, KPHS Virtual Open House, Schoology Groups


    Week 2: Join us!  Schoology, Flex hour tutoring and clubs, Why do zero's hurt? 


    Week 1: Join us!  Meet your counselors, CBS Mindfullness studio, Nature Connections, Videos for Teachers, Parents, & Students, College Planning/Admissions