Class of 2023 Sponsors/Principals & Elected Officers

  • Sponsors/Principals (linked to email):

    Teacher - Tiffany Hulquist "Mrs. H"
    Teacher - Dr. Kia Russell "Dr. R"
    Principal - Marshall Caplan
    Principal - Elyse McGinnis

    Elected Officers (for the Junior year):

    President - Christian Hicks
    Vice President - Mireya Reyes
    Secretary - Jillian Taylor
    Historian - Alabama (Ali) Wilson
    Treasurer(s): RJ (Kai) Panares & Libby Scott

    Hello Juniors! We are Mrs. H (Hulquist) and Dr. R (Russell), your proud Class of 2023 Sponsors!

    If you ever have a question don't hesitate to stop by Room #1150 in the New Wing or send us an email ( /

    We look forward to supporting your Class and making lots of great high school memories with you all!

    ~Mrs. H & Dr. R


    My name is Christian Hicks, and I am the Junior class President!

    I am very excited for the year to come and hope for a successful year for the Class of 2023.

    I play Quarterback for the Atascocita Football Team, and I am involved in many clubs at AHS.

    Though we are still getting used to the new world around us, we must strive to make this year fun and exciting, despite any obstacles in our way.

    My goal is to build the Class of 2023 into a cohesive unit of outstanding individuals and make this year one to remember.

    What’s up Juniors! I’m Mireya Reyes and I’m your Class of 2023 Vice President! 
    I can’t wait for the new year, new ideas, and lots of fun activities that await for our successful class.
    I used to play JV Tennis for Atascocita High School (2019-2021) but now I’m focused on my health classes! Catch me wearing scrubs in school! 
    Other than that I love video games and shopping, oh I absolutely love shopping. 
    I hope us, as a class, will make our school years amazing! That being said us, as Class Officers, are always here to help so don’t be shy! :)

    Hey Juniors! I’m Ali Wilson and I’m proud to be the 2023 Class Historian this year!

    I love traveling, photography, movies, and music, and I am a part of many organizations on campus.

    I’m super social so always feel free to reach out!

    I’m hoping to have a great year with you guys - with lots of exciting things in store!

    Hey, I'm Jillian, and I am the Secretary for the Class of 2023!

    Some of the school clubs I am involved in are Student Council and National Honor Society.

    I am a hard worker and creative, so I can't wait to use some of my ideas for our class this year.

    I'm so glad to be an officer this year and am excited to work with the other officers to make this school year great!

    What’s up Juniors! I’m Kai Panares and I’m your Treasurer for The Class of 2023!

    I cannot wait to start off the new year with new ideas, fun activities and the kick off the new school year in a successful way.
    I’m in band but this year I want to focus more on lacrosse and wanted to try new things for our school. I also love to skate and play guitar.
    I hope that our class will make our school years exciting! Also remember that us as class officers are always hear to help you when you need it! 

    Hey Juniors!!! My name is Libby Scott, your proud Class Treasurer.

    Along with being a part of Student Leadership, I’ve loved being able to swim for AHS’s varsity team and be a part of other extracurricular activities.

    I'm so excited to see what this year has in store for us and I’m so excited to make this year the best year yet with my fellow class officers!