• Level Change Requests



    NO PAPER level drop forms will be utilized this school year. After conferencing with the students, teachers will provide the student with the Level Change Request form link. 




    1. Students/Parents must request the level change request form link from the classroom teacher.
    2. The teacher will conference with the student and parent.
    3. The student/parent will submit the level change request form.
    4. The counselor will process the request based on the timeline.


    Timeline for year-long courses:

    • Beginning of the year: begin submitting requests on 8/11/21 (changes begin the week of 8/12); deadline 8/20/21
    • 6-weeks: begin submitting requests on 9/13/21 (changes begin the week of 9/20); deadline 9/24/21
    • semester: begin submitting requests on 12/13/21; deadline 1/7/22
    Please note: When a student changes from a PreAP/AP course to a level class during the semester, the grade of the original class will transfer to the new class. The student will not receive "Honors/AP" grade points as a result of the transfer. Grade points are not assigned until the final semester grade is tabulated.