Students and Parents,

    Counselors are excited to work with you this school year! Please do not hesitate to reach out. 


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  • The Counseling Department at Kingwood High School strives to provide services to the diverse student population which meet the specific needs of each individual and follow the American School Counselor National Model (individual planning, guidance, responsive service, and system support).

    “Professional School Counselors serve a vital role in maximizing student achievement. Incorporating leadership, advocacy, and collaboration, Professional School Counselors promote equity and access to opportunities and rigorous educational experiences for ALL students. The school guidance curriculum is delivered throughout the school’s overall curriculum and is systematically presented by Professional School Counselors in collaboration with other professional educators in K-12 classroom and group activities.”
    (American School Counselor Association)

    Counselors continually assess student progress and adapt programs to provide the most appropriate services. Parents are encouraged to keep counselors informed of any condition that impacts student performance.

    In order to effectively provide services to all, a student's first contact should be with the assigned counselor. In cases when the assigned counselor is not available, please know that all of the counselors have an open door in times of urgency and crisis.