• Welcome to Ms. Hutchinson's Class


    Christina K. Hutchinson

    ENGL I &ENGL II (F2F and Virtual)

    Room:  1309

    Email:  ckhutchi@humbleisd.net

    Phone Number:  281-641-6664

    Daily Schedule:

    1st:  Virtual English II

    2nd:  English II

    3rd:  English II

    4th:  Conference

    5th:  English I

    6th:  Cheer (Gym)

    7th:  English II

    Tutoring Times:  By Appointment or Monday & Thursday during 'A' Flex

    Classroom Policies


    Attendance will be taken in class and in Schoology.


    If you are absent, you are responsible for missed learning, quizzes, and tests. Students who are absent need to check Schoology for assignments for the day missed.  For clarification, please check with teacher.

    Tardiness:  If you are on time, you are late; if you are early, you are on time.

    Students who arrive after the tardy bell must go to the house secretary for a tardy pass. No students will be admitted to the classroom after the tardy bell without a pass.

    Classroom Expectations: Be prepared each day when you walk into class to be the best version of yourself for that day.

    Supplies:  Paper and Pen each day.  A binder or folder to keep your papers organized is highly recommended.  


    'There are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice...' The Great Gatsby 


    It is going to be a great year!  Go Park!

    Welcome to Class!