Welcome to Humble ISD Elementary Art

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    Whether you are virtual or face to face,
    we WELCOME you to Elementary Art 2022-2023 school year!

    Our Elementary Art Program is a standards-based, place-based
    visual arts program.  Our Art Specialists create lessons at each
    grade level which build skills and art knowledge as students
    grow.  This creates an essential program where visual arts can integrate
    into the everyday experience where our students become well-rounded learners.
    Art is important to LIFE and LEARNING!

    ~Art is an essential part of the common core of knowledge;
    ~Art develops aesthetic perception through multi-sensory experiences;
    ~Art enables students to express their own creativity and to experience satisfaction,
    accomplishment, and joy;
    ~Art connects students to their heritage and culture;
    ~Art develops aesthetic values and provides criteria for making informed judgments;
    ~Art develops mental skills that are not developed by other disciplines.
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    Visit the Meet The Teachers page for a link to your child's art teacher. 

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    Check there for more info on being a volunteer or joining the artisan's market!!

    Destry Balch
    - Director of Fine Arts - destry.balch@humbleisd.net

    Dustin Winson - Assistant Director of Fine Arts - dustin.winson@humbleisd.net

    Sandy Newton - Assistant DIrector of FIne Arts  -  sandra.newton@humbleisd.net

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