• Kindness begins with me  

    Kindness Challenge

    During the month Of November we will we have a daily kindness challenge shared on the MBC News. 
    These challenges can be carried at both at school and at home.

    World Kindness Day- Nov. 13

    We will celebrate World Kindness Day as a campus on November 13th.  Feel free to wear any Kindness clothing you have!


    Virtual Kindness Room

    Visit our virtual Kindness Room to hear books about kindness read aloud as well as listen to some kindness songs!

    Kindness room  

     Kindness Room


    A kindness lesson was presented each week of November:

    Sprinkle                       Superpower                            Complimat

    Sprinkle Kindness              Kindness is my Superpower                     Compli-Mat