• Dismissal Policy

    All students living in Hunter's Ridge will be dismissed from the back of the school. All students living in Bear Branch and Kings Forest will be dismissed from the front.

    Parents of front and back walkers, please arrange a meeting place with your child away from the car dismissal areas in the front and back of school. This will reduce the standing traffic that blocks these areas. Daycare buses will drop off and pick up from the front of the school this year.
    Students that are picked up after 3:40 p.m. will need to be signed out by the parent/guardian in the front office. For the safety of our students, we ask that you not bring pets to school during arrival or dismissal.
    If your student is to return home by means other than their usual mode of transportation, the teacher must receive written, signed instructions from the parent or guardian.  The Front Office will NOT take phone calls to change dismissal.  Your child will not be allowed to change his or her mode of transportation unless a written notice is received.
    ***Please review and discuss the following information with your children. These are areas of safety you can help us with and be in support of so that we can maintain the level of safety at Bear Branch that your children deserve.

    Student safety is the number one priority of Bear Branch Elementary. That includes a safe arrival and dismissal process. One of the primary concerns during school arrival and dismissal is keeping our students and staff safe. BBE would like to remind everyone of arrival and dismissal safety procedures and etiquette:

    All school zones are No Cell PHONE zones. There should be no cell phone use in carline.

    Students who will be regularly picked up at dismissal in carpool must have a carpool sign with the student name written largely and in black ink. Make sure your sign is visible. The sooner we see your name the quicker we can get students loaded. You may want to use a pant hanger to hang the from your rear view window mirror. This will make it more visible and very easy for us to see.
    Always have your child exit your vehicle on the sidewalk only. This is the safest way for students to exit and enter the school. Never get out of your vehicle and have your student walk in front or back and cross other cars to enter the building. If you need extra time to help your student out of the car, or they are not buckled on the passenger side, please pull ALL THE WAY FORWARD past the first safety cone or into a visitor parking spot and out of the car line.

    Ensure that your child is ready to exit the vehicle upon arrival. Do NOT hold up the line by sitting in your car while your student gathers backpacks, lunch kits, etc... The longer you sit, the longer those behind you must wait. If your child is having trouble leaving the car, please pull ALL THE WAY FORWARD past the first safety cone or into a visitor parking spot. Do not hold up the car line.

    Do not double park vehicles in the drop-off lane as this creates a dangerous situation for the children who must then cross in front of other cars to enter the building. Additionally, do not park your vehicle along Tree Lane and exit to retrieve your child. This holds up the traffic flow.

    Do not block the intersection in the parking lot. Allow room for cars behind you to pull up and enter into the parking lot.

    Parents are to remain in the vehicles and keep the line moving. If your student needs extra help, please allow staff to load them in the vehicle from the sidewalk then pull ALL THE WAY FORWARD past the first safety cone.

    Finally, PLEASE do not sacrifice safety for convenience. We all have the same goal of keeping each and every one of our students safe. Please allow adequate time for the drop off and pick up of your student. Thank you for your support of BBE.