• Course Expectations: Students will learn the basic concepts of art including drawing color theory, painting, ceramics and printmaking. Students will construct and maintain a sketchbook.  Sketchbook drawings are assigned weekly and are 40% of the student’s grade.


    Students are expected to follow AHS school rules as well as my classroom rules.

    • Cellphone use within the classroom is directed at discretion of the teacher.
    • No Food or drinks in the classroom *except water.
    • Respect the teacher, peers and supplies.
    • Be on time and be ready with your pencil, sketchbook and/or portfolio.
    • Keep your area CLEAN!
    • Put forth your best creative effort every day.


    Consequences: 1st time student is given a verbal warning.  2nd time: a phone call home.  3rd time is an office referral.

    Grading:  Art I/ Sculpture II, III, IV classes are weighted 60% Summative (major works of art) and 40% Formative (work related to sketchbooks) Sketchbook assignments are 40% of the student’s grade.




    Art Fees:  The fee for Art I is $50.       The fee for Sculpture II, III, IV is $60

                The art fee is required as stated in the course description.  This fee is the same for any high school student taking either Art I or Sculpture II,III, IV within Humble ISD.  This fee will cover all supplies that will be sued throughout the school year.  The fee is due within the first two weeks of school. Fee can now be paid online. Please scan the QR code it will take you to the website.





     Contact:  The best way to reach Mrs. Goss is through school email.