• CBE Registration Process:

    • Complete the Credit By Examination Registration Form and submit to your student's counselor before the desired testing window deadline. 
    • Your students' counselor will complete and submit an internal Google form to order exams. 

    Registration Eligibility (Students must meet all eligibility requirements)

    • Students are enrolled in Humble ISD. *
    • Elementary students must meet the state law age requirement—five years old by September 1st for Kindergarten, or six years old by September 1st for First Grade.
    • Registration form is completed indicating grade level/subject for testing.
    • School counselor must sign a registration form to verify the student’s grade level and CBE eligibility.
    • All registration forms must be received by the school counselor by the registration deadline.
    • For students interested in advancement/ acceleration without prior instruction, testing will be available on the dates listed below.

    CBE Calendar 2022 - 2023

    CBE Testing Window Deadline to Register
    October 17 - October 21, 2022 Septembe 30, 2022
    March 6 - March 10, 2023 February 14, 2023
    June 5 - June 8, 2022 May 5, 2023
    July 10 - July 13, 2023 May 5, 2023


    CBE Resources


    Registration forms are available through the campus counselor during the registration window. The deadline is at 2pm on the last day of registration.