• As the Pine Forest Counselor, I have the privilege of working with all of our amazing students! I will be working with students in their classrooms, in small groups, as well as in short-term individual counseling meetings. Collaborating with parents, teachers, and staff is essential to my role, as well as consulting with community organizations to benefit and meet the needs of all PFE students.

    individual counseling


    INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING: Short term one-on-one counseling support is available to all students in grades PK to 5 to meet with the counselor. Students may self-refer or be referred to the counselors by teachers/staff and/or parents. Confidentiality is respected.

    If you would like to refer your student for individual counseling, please follow the link below to fill out the parent counseling request form.
    PFE Parent Counseling Request Form

    Student request forms can be found in their classroom or at the following link: Student Request Form


    Guidance Lessons

    CLASSROOM GUIDANCE LESSONS: These lessons will be presented in the classroom for students in grades PK-5.  Lessons will teach developmentally appropriate life skills that focus on our Great Eight Skills: Decision Making, Personal Responsibility, Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, Goal Directed Behavior, Optimistic Thinking and Self-Management.

    Group lessons

    GROUP COUNSELING: Group counseling is provided for small groups of students to work on our Great 8 Skills and for students experiencing similar concerns. The Great 8 Skills we will be working on this year are: Self Awareness, Decision Making, Personal Responsibility and Social Awareness. The other ongoing groups may include making and keeping friends, focus and/or self management, coping with separation/divorce or loss, getting organized/study skills and/or improving self-esteem. The groups generally range from 4 to 6 students and last for 6 to 8 sessions. The students for these groups can be recommended by parents/guardians or by staff members.

    To request that your student participate in a group, please follow the link below to fill out the parent request form. 

    Small Group Counseling Request Form


    CONSULTATIONS: I am available to have meetings with teachers, administrators and/or parents to discuss the needs of individual students. I am here for all students and want to ensure that your child has a productive and positive school year. If I can support your child in anyway, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    My contact information is below and I will be in touch with you within 48 hours of your initial contact:

    e-mail: Katrina.Johnson@humbleisd.net

    phone: 281-641-2107


    School Counseling Newsletter

    Humble ISD Counseling and Behavioral Health has put together a quarterly newsletter. It will be sent out via email and posted here on my website. Please check out our newsletter for all the PFE Counseling Updates. 

    Newsletter: Coming Soon!


    Any student can request to meet with me or they can be referred by a teacher, administrator, or parent.  I encourage you to reach out if you have concerns regarding your child.

    **Confidentiality** Please note that all information discussed is confidential between me and your child, unless they are planning on hurting themselves, hurting someone else or someone is hurting them.