• July 27, 2020

    Dear Humble ISD Families,

    The Back to School website has been updated with the Learning Location Form that you may use if you want to change your choice of instructional setting for your children. In addition, students who are new to the district should use this form to make their choice upon completion of the enrollment process.  No action is needed if you are satisfied with the instructional setting that you already chose for your child. This form is only needed if making a change or to make your choice for the first time.

    Humble ISD understands that each family has unique needs and that circumstances can change. We will allow parents to change their choice anytime throughout the school year -- not just at the end of a grading period. It is our goal to be flexible and supportive.

    On Friday, July 24, Harris County prohibited on-campus instruction from occurring until at least Tuesday, Sept.8. 

    With this development, schools still will need to know your learning location choice so that they can make teacher assignments. 

    • We ask that your choice reflect the learning location (on-campus, online, or online with UIL Athletics and Performing Arts) that you want when schools are permitted to offer on-campus instruction. The earliest on-campus instruction will be available is Sept. 8 under the Harris County order.

    • Be assured that you will be allowed to change your choice at any time.

    • Changing your choice may result in a teacher change to accomplish this switch. Some teachers will be assigned to online students. Some teachers will be assigned to on-campus students. Both on-campus and online teachers will be prepared to welcome and support students who switch from one instructional setting to another throughout the school year. Grades will transfer over from one setting to another.

    • When making a switch, the processing time will be faster for students to go from on-campus to online. For students who switch from online to on-campus, schools will need a few days to determine the appropriate class for the student to join since class sizes must be balanced.

    • If you did not respond to the email or phone calls asking for your choice, an on-campus schedule will be generated for your student as the default choice. You can change by completing the Learning Location Form.

    • The State of Texas is funding both in-person and online students. There is no financial benefit to the school system with one choice over the other.

    In partnership with parents, we will model the spirit of personalization via the flexibility and innovation that characterizes our wonderful community.