• Back to School and First Day - Elementary

    Will Meet the Teacher be on campus or virtual?
    Meet the Teacher will be a virtual event this year. 

    Can I walk in with my child on the first day of school?
    We know that dropping off Pre-K and Kindergarten students on the first day is special, and we want to support all families in having a safe and positive, first-day experience. Therefore, Pre-K and Kindergarten teachers will welcome all students and families outside the building with appropriate social distancing. In an effort to limit the number of people in the building at the same time, walking into the building will be limited to students and staff only. School staff are excited to welcome first through fifth grade students and ensure all children find their classrooms successfully. 

    What do online students do on the first day of school?
    Parents of online students will receive a communication from the school prior to the first day with all of the necessary information for a successful online learning experience this year. Please work with your child’s teacher and principal regarding any questions or concerns you might have after you receive the back to school communication.   

    If I received a device from the school last spring, what do we do with it now?
    Families who were issued school devices should keep them for their children to do school work at home, regardless of whether their children will be attending on campus or online.

    What about students eligible for special education, Section 504, or dyslexia services?  How will they be served?
    On August 17, in-person classes will resume for self-contained special education students whose parents chose on campus instruction. Humble ISD has been and continues to be committed to ensuring all students receive a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).  Humble ISD is ready, willing, and able to implement a student’s IEP and Section 504 in such a manner that meets the student’s unique needs.