• On Campus Operations - Staff 

    Have plexiglass dividers been put up on desks to protect students and staff?
    We are ordering plexiglass dividers for all teachers’ desks/tables and others who wish to have them. If you need something specific for your classroom or work area, please work with your principal or supervisor.

    What are we going to do about a possible shortage of subs?
    Humble ISD has approximately 900 substitutes available in the sub system with additions continuing to be added along with our general notice posted accepting applications.  We will all need to be flexible. 

    What steps is Humble ISD taking with UV light?
    Facilities and all HVAC systems installed after 2006 use UV light in air handling systems to kill bacteria and viruses.  We are currently in the process of updating additional systems with this technology. 

    What safety measures will be put in place for non-teaching staff such as school counselors?  
    There are many large, open spaces throughout our campuses. There are also outdoor spaces.  Staff members are also encouraged to wear any PPE that they believe they need.  If individual staff members have specific requests, they should contact their supervisor.

    Will there be temperature checks upon entry? What will happen with students who are sent to the nurse with fevers or other COVID-19 symptoms?
    Everyone will self-screen from home. Students who develop symptoms during the day will be assisted by the nurse.  The District found during summer athletic activities that conducting temperature checks of asymptomatic students was ineffective. Some students who did not have fever tested positive for COVID-19 that same week.  Partnering with parents to obtain information worked best at identifying cases.

    All nurses will be provided with updates on a regular basis and receive guidance on screening and evaluation protocols. Nurses will keep a close watch on any student who comes to the clinic with fever or flu-like symptoms. If a student has a fever of 100 degrees or more, parents will be called to pick up their child and that child will be isolated from other students and staff until they are picked up. 

    Are masks or face shields required for students and staff?
    We will follow the Governor’s orders that are in place including requirements for masks and/or face shields. If there is no requirement, families will decide what is best for them. All staff and students are welcome to wear as much Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including masks, gloves, face shields or scrubs, as they choose. The Governor’s current mask order exempts children younger than 10, as well as persons with a medical condition or disability that would prevent them from wearing a face covering.  Employees with a medical condition or disability that they believe would prevent them from wearing a mask should contact their supervisor and HR. Humble ISD is providing PPE for staff.

    What are the cleaning procedures?
    Desks, tables and playground equipment are cleaned daily. Frequently touched objects and surfaces are cleaned with disinfectant that is effective against multiple disease-causing viruses and bacteria. Misting machines can be used after hours to further sanitize the campus.

    Will volunteers be allowed on campus?
    Virtual meetings are encouraged as a health and safety precaution.  All visitors will be screened before being allowed on campus per TEA Public Health Guidance. Access to campus will be very limited. 

    Why would elementary schools operate with all students on campus every day, while middle schools and high schools operate with only about half of their students on campus every day?

    • Many parents believe that on-campus instruction is the best opportunity for our youngest students to be successful for a variety of reasons.
    • Elementary students mix less, as they are mostly in self-contained units, and adjustments to limit mixing will be encouraged. Keeping groups separate when possible is one measure that will be used to protect against the spread of illness.  With an emphasis on outdoor learning/play spaces, many seating/spacing options, and reduced sharing of materials, we believe we can offer an in-person environment for healthy students and staff.
    • With larger populations, and larger people, that constantly mix on secondary campuses, a more cautious approach is prudent at middle and high schools.