• Online Instruction - Elementary

    What are school hours for online students?
    Students must be engaged in learning each day to be marked present. TEA requires students to be in attendance at least 90 percent of the school year for grade level completion. 

    What will online learning be like?  Will it be like it was in the spring? 
    Last Spring, our Humble ISD teachers pivoted overnight to meet the instructional needs of students.  This year, however, because of the increased expectations provided by TEA, online learning will look different. Online learning will continue to vary by grade-level and student needs. 

    To support the new expectations and to increase rigor for remote instruction, Humble ISD teachers are engaged in professional learning through two pathways:  remote training basics and an online certification program.  They are working to: master their online learning platforms, build asynchronous learning units that include the TEKS, incorporate online quality assessments, create online classrooms (you might have seen some on Twitter), and integrate instructional support strategies to engage students in the learning process.  Teachers will schedule time with online learners for guided reading and guided math each day. Students will experience direct instruction, small group support, and tutoring from their teachers as they practice concepts/skills and complete projects. 

    In addition to the instructional upgrades, frequent communication and check-ins with parents will be a part of the online learning experience for all students. A parent orientation for online learning for each campus will be offered prior to the first day of school. This orientation will address expectations for remote instruction, including attendance, grading, submission of work, etc. Questions relevant to the grade level will be discussed. 

    What learning platforms will be used by elementary school students?
    Based on parent feedback that multiple platforms in one household can be a challenge, Humble ISD elementaries have chosen two learning platforms to use exclusively for the 2020-2021 school year.  This will help us provide better support to teachers, students, and families in navigating online learning.  Each elementary will be using SeeSaw or Google Classroom as their online learning platform. Check your school’s website to see what your child will be using. 

    Part of the online learning orientation/experience will be to familiarize students, and parents with the platform they will be using to learn from home.  Front-loading these skills will be important for a successful year. 

    What do I do if my student needs a device for online learning?
    Humble ISD will provide devices for all students who need one. Please contact your school. 

    What are the grading policies?
    Grading policies for online and on campus students will be the same.

    Who operates Online Instruction?
    Our wonderful Humble ISD teachers provide all online instruction for our students. Humble ISD requires online teachers to participate in specialized professional development regarding online learning.