• Choices for Parents - Elementary

    What instructional-setting choices are available for elementary school students?
    Choices are:

    1. on campus every school day;
    2. online every school day.

    Will students begin the school year on campus everyday?
    All Humble ISD students will begin the school year online on August 11. On August 17, in-person classes will resume for self-contained special education students whose parents chose on campus instruction. On August 24, in-person classes will resume for elementary students whose parents chose on campus instruction.

    If I need to make a change, when can I update my choice regarding the instructional setting that I have chosen for my child?
    Humble ISD understands that each family has unique needs and that circumstances can change. Therefore, parents may change their choice anytime throughout the school year. It is our goal to be flexible and supportive.

    Change requests for elementary students that are submitted by Monday, August 3, 2020, will be processed in time to take effect by the first day of school on Tuesday, August 11, 2020.

    After August 3, we anticipate being able to accommodate change requests in a week or less. Your student should continue in their current instructional setting until the change has been made. If an emergency requires an immediate change, please work with the building principal to create a transition plan. While Humble ISD will allow changes anytime, and not just at the end of a grading period, schools will need a few days to determine the appropriate class for the student to join since class sizes must be balanced.

    How do I change my choice?
    Complete the online Learning Location Form to submit your change request.  

    What if I never responded to the survey or to phone calls from the school asking for my choice?
    Students will be presumed as attending on campus.