• AVID Application and Student Selection
    AVID is an application-based elective, requiring students to complete the multi-step application process through the student's home campus.  

    As with all things AVID, equity and access are at the forefront of our systems and routines. With that in mind, AVID student selection is completed through a process that includes data analysis, recommendations, self-nomination, applications, and interviews. The systems in place for recruitment aim to remove barriers. AVID campus coordinators recruit at feeder schools as well as on campus. AVID is aligned with Advanced Academics and requires students to enroll in the most rigorous courses provided by the campus. Ultimately, AVID students are on a path to college, and that is reflected through their enrollment in advanced coursework.  AVID is academic acceleration, not remediation. Students are provided a gamut of supports while stretched academically. 

    One reason the AVID classroom is exceptional is because of the diverse student population you find when visiting- a range of students with varying interests, academic abilities, and backgrounds tied together with a passion and pursuit of elevated academics and personal growth.


    Please contact the campus AVID Coordinator for an application: Campus Contacts