• Lonestar Dual Credit Fall 2020

    Virtual Open Houses for Students and Parents

    If you missed the live presentation- here's the link Click here



    You must be qualified to take Dual classes through Lonestar- for both classes at KPHS or through Lonestar.

    Qualifyied means you have met LONESTAR's requirements to take college level classes by having acceptable scores on the SAT, ACT, PSAT (10/11), STAAR or the TSI.

    Here is the grid with acceptable scores- Click here  See Mrs Herbst or your counselor to confirm you are qualified- (it's complicated)

    After it has been determined you are eligible, you would apply to Lonestar.


    You must apply to Lonestar to take any Dual Credit classes- Application Instructions: Click here

    After you receive your LONESTAR username and ID number, you are prompted to make up a password.

    After your username and password are established, you MUST log into MyLonestar, click on the Applicant box and complete a Pre-assessment activity.

    Once the Pre-assessment activity box is checked, you may fill out these listed REQUIRED forms you/Mrs Herbst need to register for classes.

    1-Exceptional Admission form- REQUIRED- ALL areas highlighted MUST be filled in. Click here ---Mrs Herbst MUST sign the form for you to proceed.

    2- FERPA- this allows who you designate to see your Lonestar records- ALL areas with an **** MUST be filled in. Click here

    3- Parental Consent- parent/guardian giving you permission and takes responsibility for you as a HS student- you/your parent MUST fill in all the required areas.  Click here

    Bring all completed forms to Mrs Herbst. If you are taking a 2 semester class (ex: English 4, US Hist) two Exceptional Admission forms are needed (fall and spring)

    4. Minor Student on Campus- REQUIRED for classes taken on a Lonestar campus or in a Lonestar virtual class. Click here


    Deadlines are part of the Dual Credit process. Students are expected to meet the deadlines as posted. Make sure you know the deadlines


    Payments are made to Lonestar. You pay for FEES only. Tuition is waived. KPHS reminds you of the payment due dates.                                                  KPHS DOES NOT COLLECT DUAL CREDIT PAYMENTS- YOU PAY LONESTAR


    If you want to take summer dual credit classes through Lonestar- all requests MUST be made before the end of school. No forms will be accepted once the HISD school year is over.





    See Mrs Herbst in Room 2000C in the library or send an email- celia.herbst@humbleisd.net


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