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    Home Access Center

    Parents/Guardians may use the Home Access Center to access their child's schedule, attendance, class work, progress reports, report cards, and course requests. Note: Student progress reports and report cards will NOT be printed. They are accessible to view and print through your Home Access account. If you have not signed up for the Home Access Center, use the link above and register for a username and password. 


    To create a HAC account:

    1) You must be listed with the school as the student's guardian. 

    2) You must have a current email address on file with your child's school.  If you have no email address or an incorrect address listed, the system will not be able to send you a link to create the password for your account. 



    Parents can now subscribe to email alerts from Home Access Center for Attendance and Course Averages.  Parents MUST “opt-in” to receive these updates from HAC.  This is a great way to track grades without having to log into HAC!

    Log into Home Access Center.

    Click My Alerts on the left menu.

    Check the box for attendance. You will receive an email at 4:00 p.m. each Monday if any attendance has been recorded for your students during the previous week. You may limit the alerts to specific absence codes by clicking the link and selecting certain codes.

    Check the box for Course Average. Set the thresholds as you wish. We will send a weekly alert each Monday at 4:00 p.m. In the example below, the parent will receive an email alert when the student’s average falls below 75% in any class or when the student’s average is above 90% in any class. 


    You can use these helpful documents to help you set-up and navigate Home Access Center.