• WHE Policies and Procedures

    Visitor Entry Policy

    All visitors of WHE are required to have a drivers license or state id to be scanned by our Raptor Security System and wear their visitor badge at all times. Please ring our front office doorbell and be prepared to show your id to the camera. Prior to leaving, return your badge to the front office for check out. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our campus safe.

    Student Checkouts

    Students will only be released to those on the list authorized for pick-up. If you need to check out your child, we ask that you do so before 2:45

    Forgotten Items

    To keep class disruption to a minimum, we ask that you place all items on the bookshelf located outside of the office. If your child is unaware you are dropping off an item such as homework...or a lunch, please notify the office by ringing the doorbell.

    Rainy Day Dismissal

    A determination will be made by our campus administrators to determine if we will have a rainy day dismissal. This procedure will only be utilized if there is visible lightning, thunder, or pouring down rain. During this dismissal, all students will be considered car riders, except for daycare and bus riders. No students will be allowed to walk or ride their bike.

     Special Events on Campus

    For special events held on campus, in order to avoid long lines and wait times, please RSVP in advance through our Google Forms that we will send out beforehand. Your badge will expedite entry to events. Without your RSVP, please be prepared to wait in a line to check in. Also, please remember your driver's license. Thank you for your cooperation.