Kingwood High School Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC)- School Year 2022-2023 


         Welcome cadets, parents of returning cadets and those parents of new incoming cadets joining the Kingwood High School Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC) family.  Terri Lee (CPO, Ret.) and I (Alena Fuller (LT, Ret)) are honored to be your Naval Science Instructors for the 2022-23 academic year. 

         We will kick off the 2022/2023 KHS NJROTC Orientation Week for all new cadets, Aug 1st -5th noon - 3:00 pm and we will send out an email to those new cadets listed in TAC (HAC) but if you do not receive one, please contact us at axfuller@humbleisd.net or tnlee@humbleisd.net . On Aug 4th we will also have a Welcome Aboard for the parents of all new cadets from 5:00-6:00 pm followed by a Welcome Back meeting for the parents of all returning cadets from 6:00-7:00 pm.      

         Our Company is once again about to embark on an exciting year filled with experiences designed to help the cadets learn about our nation and our history.  We hope to open their eyes to responsibilities as global citizens and prepare them for their future as good and productive citizens of our nation with a program centered on continual exposure to the leadership processes, instilling interpersonal tools that facilitate getting along with others.  Cadets learn they may not always like each other, but to achieve a common mission they must adapt and work together.  JROTC strives to teach the cadets how to reduce conflicts and reduce the stress created by personal differences.  To accomplish this objective, the JROTC model provides a mechanism to achieve leadership and follower-ship techniques that will benefit the cadet throughout life.  The military model is service centered. The cadet learns a leader has to accomplish the mission while taking care of the welfare of their subordinates.

    The four pillars of the program:

    • Practical leadership training experience. Cadets are able to observe others in the leadership arena and to analyze what is good and what is bad about the techniques being displayed.  The cadet is also allowed to make mistakes and to learn from these to become a better leader.  
    • Practical follower-ship training experience.  This is not blind obedience, but rather, the importance of working as a team and to focus on others rather than self.  The cadet learns that they are an important part of the team; that through teamwork, missions can be accomplished.  Follower-ship is a prerequisite for moving into the leadership portion of the program.  The cadet learns and experiences what it is to be the foundation of an organization and, in doing so, develops empathy that will serve the cadet later in life.  This appreciation of subordinates will be of great value in the decision-making process.  Such a mind-set allows the cadet to realize their individual attributes and how they contribute to the betterment of the group.  One must learn to follow before one can lead. 
    • Self- discipline development. This is defined as self-control.  In today’s society, this is important.  We see today a self-centeredness that spawns immediate self-gratification and a lack of regard for others.  Discipline strives to suppress these two forces and to teach the cadet to control urges and to resist temptation.  Immediate self-gratification is delayed as the cadet learns to think through the consequences of their actions.  
    • Recognition.  The life lesson that success is a direct result of hard work, the JROTC model has a built-in positive reinforcement program through promotions and awards. Cadets move up the ladder based on their academic, military and socialization/maturation achievements.  The visible accoutrements of rank as well as added privileges motivate positive behavior.

        It is definitely a team effort between the instructors, the Corps command cadre and leadership, but most of all you and your cadet.  We will focus on developing a cadet’s level of confidence, self-discipline, leadership skills and their commitment to community service and involvement, but we need your help to:

    • Encourage your child to participate in as many of our after-school activities as possible
    • Wear their UNIFORM on the prescribed day
    • Participate in our drill teams, color guard, academic teams, PT teams, and community service events (If you have a community service idea please let us know.) If all cadets at least try to participate, this will help them get rid of the mindset of favorites. 

        This year, Chief and I will build and share a calendar to include as many competitions, field trips and professional development events as time allows.  Chief and I are focused on building the program's viability on last year's strong foundation of the program and welcome any and all recommendations from you and your student’s experiences that would improve the program and gain visibility and interest among our student body- we want to know what needs to be changed but, as importantly as what needs to remain.  In addition to the financial benefits for those interested in pursuing a military career, advanced paygrades when enlisting in any branch of the military, substantial opportunities for scholarships, both ROTC, and many others, and even nominations to military academies, the most important benefit is continued character development.  The Kingwood program will be known across the campus as challenging but fun, hard work but rewarding and, above all else, the cadets will be widely regarded by their peers as model citizens with the critical life skills to succeed in any post-secondary education pursuit.  It is my hope your student’s example of pride being part of something bigger than themselves will make this course the most requested elective in the history of the school…to borrow the Marine Corps slogan, maybe if they are good enough they can be one of us!  

        We have an outstanding booster club and I encourage you to support them as they support all of our cadets and our program. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Chief or I with any questions, concerns or recommendations.  Chief and I can be reached at axfuller@humbleisd.net and tnlee@humbleisd.net and our desk phone number is 281-641-7165. Chief and I are looking forward to an OUTSTANDING 2022-23 school year! 


    Go Mustangs!

    LT Fuller and Chief Lee