Blue's Crew Shows You Ways to Teach from Home

Mrs. Rathke uses her iPhone to record a lesson and YouTube as a platform for her videos.

Mrs. Rathke uses costumes to engage her students and YouTube as a platform for her videos.

Ms. Navarro uses slides, animation, and a voice over in a writing lesson.

Ms. Navarro uses an embedded webcam video in this lesson. Also, Amber is modeling how to use a Research Resources page with clickable links. This same concept can be used by teachers during lesson planning. Creating a resource page with clickable links would be a good way for a teacher to have everything ready to go before you begin recording a distance learning lesson.

Mrs. Elvir uses a presentation, animation, and Screencastify in a 1st grade phonics lesson and 2nd grade writing lesson.

Last Modified on May 26, 2020