Traditionally for the last week of school we play games and do some dancing!  We choose from musical games we have learned throughout the year and then just dance.  I've attached some music games for you to choose from and links to Just dance videos from some of our favorite songs!  What a different year it's been but we've still continued to learn and keep music in our hearts!


    Try the following games  (just print them out and play!):


    Melody baseball

    Rhythm baseball

    Composer word search

    Composer board game

    Recorder dice game

    Treble clef puzzle

    Musicland game


    Some games we have done in the classroom:


    Use sticks to create rhythms (stick writing)

    Use 4 pieces of colored paper to make 4 beats.  Create rhythms on those papers with your family! (1 person = ta, 2 people = ta-di, and no person/left blank = rest)

    Use attached staff paper (4th and 5th) and write out words using musical alphabet


    Rhythm echo


    Also check out the fun just dances attached!

    Follow the moves or play freeze dance and freeze when video is paused

Last Modified on May 21, 2020