Proposed Amendment December 2020

  • Humble Independent School District
    District of Innovation
    Proposed Amendment & Renewal

    Humble ISD must review and renew its District of Innovation Plan every five (5) years.  Pursuant to Texas Education Code Section 12A.007 and 19 Texas Administrative Code Section 102.1313, the Administration proposes the following renewal of Humble ISD’s current District of Innovation Plan for an additional five (5) year term, as well as certain amendments to update the Plan to reflect current law and TEA recommendations.  The proposed renewal will be reviewed and considered by the District Decision Making Committee at a public meeting on December 10 at 6:00 pm via webinar. If approved, the proposed renewal and amendments will be presented to the Board of Trustees for final review and adoption at the Board regular January meeting.

    What is new?

    • Update of Plan language to reflect events and amendments since the Plan was originally adopted, as well as the proposed renewal process.

    • Adding additional detail regarding the statutes implicated by Item #1-Teacher Certification for Career and Technical Education Instructors.

    • Addition of specific references to Texas Education Code Section 25.113 to Item #2-Class Size and Notice of Class Size--per TEA recommendations to clarify the language.

    • Removal of Item #3- Length of Instructional Day.  When originally adopted, this exemption originally allowed Humble ISD more flexibility in the school day to accommodate late arrivals and early releases.  The Texas Legislature has repealed and passed laws since then giving school districts this flexibility without the need of a District of Innovation Plan.

    Humble ISD District of Innovation Proposed Amendment & Renewal

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