• Rosetta Stone - General Information

    • Welcome to a wonderful learning opportunity brought to you by Rosetta Stone.

      This organization has joined forces with our district to provide distance-learning opportunities to you during this critical time. 

      Here is an overview that should help you successfully access a whole new world of learning.


      • Ensure that your operating systems and apps are up to date.
      • If possible, it is best to practice the lessons in a quiet room.
      • You have access to 20 units of learning. Within each unit there are four lessons.
      • Please start at the beginning, and do each lesson in order.
      • Step one: plug in your headset!
      • Step two: click here to login - your username and password are the same: your school ID.
      • Step three: start your lesson. During the speaking sessions, wait until you hear the beep before speaking, and then wait one second before speaking.


      If you are accessing from the app store on a mobile device:

      1. Search Rosetta Stone - it's the one with the yellow background and blue Rosetta Stone.

      2. Sign In to work/school use. DO NOT CREATE AN ACCOUNT. This has been done for you. For the Name Space box, type humbleisd.