• How parents can help their children cope with a crisis

    Posted by KERRI PENNINGTON on 4/2/2020 11:00:00 AM

    Distressing events such as separation from school can be tragic for children.  Many times children pick up on anxiety from other people, social situations, and the media.  Frequent, short conversations with children can help them cope when things seem uncertain.  Parents can help their children cope in these ways:

    • Provide comfort and assurance that they are safe

    • Talk about what is going on in terms that they can understand

    • Encourage children to express their feelings by talking, drawing, or playing

    • Limit how much time children watch TV, especially media coverage of a disaster

    • Watch for changes in sleep, appetite, mood or emotions, and general changes in behavior

    • Maintain daily routines

    • Take care of yourself and reach out to others if you, the parent, need to talk

    We are all missing you at EGE!  Stay safe and Healthy

    Nurse Kerri

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