• Distance Learning BBE- Kindergarten

    The Week of March 23rd-27th


    Community Time

    Every Friday will be our Zoom Time (video class meeting). Your teacher will send you the code to login during the week.

    -Look at the bottom of these plans for work that should be turned in (take a picture and send it through email or Remind)


    Math  objective - Fact Fluency and Word Problem of the day

    I can: write numbers 1-20

    I can: count items up to 20

    I can: model and solve addition word problems using drawings/objects and numbers up to 10

    • Istation Math- play 15 min. A day 
    • First in Math - play for 15 min a day
    • Create addition flash cards and have someone check it and test you (use counters as you make the flashcards). Start with 1 digit plus 1 digit, then once mastered add 10 to 1 digit numbers
    • Problem of the day- Do one a day!  Draw a picture to match the math story using circles to represent the numbers.  And then write the math sentence (equation) 

    Monday - There are 4 birds in a tree.  4 more birds join them. How many birds are in the tree now?

    Tuesday - There are 3 elephants in the zoo pool and 5 more elephants join them.  How many elephants are in the pool now?

    Wednesday - There are 7 kids on the playground.  2 more kids join them. How many kids are on the playground now?

    Thursday - 2 kids are riding bikes.  8 more join them. How many kids are riding their bikes now?

    Friday - I have 6 toy cars and my friend has 4 toy cars.  How many cars do we have all together?


    Reading/Writing Objective- increase reading/writing skills

    I can: ask and answer questions about stories.

    I can: ask and answer questions after listening to stories.

    I can: write the sounds I hear in a word

    I can: draw, label, and write about a topic

    I can: read consonant-vowel-consonant words like cat, hop, run

    I can: identify and write upper and lowercase letters



    • READ- independently read and parent read to child (everyday)


    • Istation Reading - 15 min a day (I’ll be checking)
    • Go to Pebble Go (MyHumble) or 
    • Tumble Books (BBE- library website)- Write about your favorite topic or book.
      • Pebble Go:
        • username- bear
        • Password- branch
    • Go to Epic!  https://www.getepic.com/sign-in (see email for directions)
    • Go to Raz-Kids https://www.raz-kids.com/ (see email for directions)
    • Sight Words- There are Kindergarten sight word flashcards on the Kinder Resource tab (BBE website)
    • Make a list of Word Family Words (rhyming words)- cat, mat, sat, pat, etc)


    Science/Social Studies - 

    I can: explore and describe the world around me using texture words

    • Nature Walk- find a special rock on your walk: Can you describe the features of the rock so well that if it was placed in a pile of rocks someone could pick yours out? Be sure to use LOTS of details. Draw, color, and describe it using color, texture and size words.


    Work to be turned in on Friday:

    Go to https://www.houstonzoo.org/explore/webcams/ . Please pick an animal to watch. Then draw a picture, label the animal, and write three different facts about the animal. You can write about the habitat, food, and a funfact about the animal of choice.