• To all Parents/Guardians of KHS Credit Recovery Students.

    The district has given clarification on the unlocking of tests and the Edgenuity program going forward.

    Edgenuity is removing the Teacher Review process that requires teachers to release assessments before students can take them.  With the Teacher Review disabled, students can take quizzes/tests when they are ready.

    Auto Progression is not enabled which means that if a student fails a quiz twice, Edgenuity will lock him/her out, which requires the teacher to restart the process.  Students will have to email one of the credit recovery teachers to reset assignments or unlock a test.

    The teacher will direct the student to complete some (or all) of the activities in the unit before the student can retake the quiz.  This provides a level of credibility that the student is learning the material and not just taking the quizzes.

    Students, make sure you are passing your assignments leading up to your quiz/test.  Remember a test review is graded and any essay you write in English is also graded.

    Students will be awarded credit ONLY when they have progressed through the material AND mastered the assessments.  It should be noted that students can complete all the material and not be awarded credit because they have failed the quizzes/tests.

    Please continue to monitor your child's progress report coming from Edgenuity.