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    Posted by Erica Cuellar on 3/19/2020

    It's hard to explain what I do on a day to day bases. But I know it's even harder to do what you do. I want to say thank you to every parent, granparent, gaurdian, and support my students have.  Without you my job is impossible. The evening homeworks, the weekend catch ups, and the day in day out husslte to get things done as quick as possible and still make it to practice. Thank you. Cooking dinner after a long days work, taking them a bath after an hour of bargining, and wakeing them up on time to make it to breakfast at school becuase they didn't want what you so kindly made for them. Thank You. You make my day possible and I thank you for all that you do.

                                                 *Ms. Cuellar

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