• The Daily STEM By Chris Woods 

    A one page weekly “newspaper” to help inspire kids to engage with STEM in the real world. Each issue can be printed or shared digitally with the kids you know. Literacy & STEM…better together! ( at the bottom of this page are the links)


    My name is Chris Woods, and I started the idea of dailySTEM to help educators and parents find STEM in the real world and share STEM with the kids they know.  Why?  Because STEM is all around us…in the backyard, at the store, in our homes, on TV and movies, in the news…everywhere! 


    • I’ve been a High School Math teacher (Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Hands-on Geometry) since 1999 in Calumet, MI
    • I’m happily married to Sue (over 20 years) and father to 3 great kids (one of whom likes math, two who I’m still working on)
    • I am the host of the STEM Everyday Podcast, a weekly podcast where I interview educators who are using STEM in & out of classrooms. To date, there are over 150 episodes!
    • I also produce a weekly “newspaper” for teachers to use in their classroom called The Daily STEM. It’s filled with news, puzzles, & more to engage kids with STEM through literacy.
    • I wrote my own Algebra 1 iBook (Part 1 and Part 2) for students, complete with short video examples and practice questions for every lesson (all of the videos are available on my YouTube channel too)
    • I was in a band for 6 years during my 20’s & 30’s (I was the singer, song writer, and played guitar) and I’ve been a radio DJ (which is surprisingly similar to teaching)
    • I live on 42 acres in the northwoods of Michigan, where I built my own house & cut my own firewood.  In the summer I work as the maintenance guy at a summer camp, where I get to interact with kids and families while fixing things (STEM) and enjoying nature (again, STEM)


    Isn't he AWESOME??


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