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    Posted by Erica Cuellar on 3/19/2020

    In my google classroom you will find several assignments. There are four classes listed. Dent Time, Math, Science, and Reading.

    Den Time: Den time is where the students and I get to colaborate and work on daily personal goals and monthly character goals. For example in the month of August we focus on citezenship. Also in den time I post my lesson plans in the case I am not in class. This is to help keep the studnets focused and to set expectations in the classroom of what is do for the day.

    Math: Starting from the begining of the school year I post review assignments for students to reflect and practice any math skills I have already taught in class.  

    Science: In the science classroom I post science projects that we are currently working on and any research links that are helpful to the students. Most online scince is done in STEMSCOPES.

    Reading: In the reading classroom I have added serveal topics. Each topic is designed to help in every area of RELA. Students should go through each topic to review class lessons. 

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