Why all the Pineapples?!

  • I get asked all the time....WHY ALL THE PINEAPPLES?! It became my classroom theme just 7 short years ago, but it has really taken off as more of a mantra for my students. There are 4 Pineapple Principals we follow in class: STAND TALL, WEAR YOUR CROWN, HAVE THICK SKIN, and BE SWEET ON THE INSIDE. I want my students to stand tall-be confident in who they are. Wear their one crown-no one shines like them. Have thick skin-words and friends will hurt them but get thick skin and talk to your brain in a good way. Be sweet on the inside-always have room in your heart for helping others. In Hawaii, the pineapple is a symbol of welcome, warmth, and friendship and that is exactly how I want my students to feel...WELCOME!