• Conference time: Daily 7:30-4:00 I will be available to you during our normal school ours to help with any needs you may have with your student.


    Weekly Class Circle Time: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1P2iTrkPTWzM3AKOJedD7f5t1W_DrjtX7p6U-6MrxROw/edit?usp=sharing 





    Weekly individualized board per student sent out via email 

    More information:

    I will be providing you each with a board for your student weekly sent directly to you personal email with activities targeted to your student. This will be in a M-F scheduled format that is easy to follow along and use. I will be providing daily contact with you all to check in and see how your students distance learning is going as well as a once a week video call to help you learn how to work through some of the activities with your students. Thanks again for partnering with me to continue educating your child through distance learning. 

    Mrs. Morris