• Remote Learning BBE- Kindergarten

    The Week of March 17th -20th


    Community Time

    The Kindergarten teachers are working on coming up with an online community time with the class each week. Hopefully it will start next week! For this week, please get familiar with MyHumble, and having your child login to learning websites. Hopefully, they can start doing this on their own! Here are some other options to work on throughout this week.


    Math  objective - Fact Fluency

    I can: write numbers 1-20

    I can: count items

    • Istation Math- play 15-20 min. A day 
    • First in Math - play for 15-20 min a day
    • Create addition flash cards and have someone check it and test you (use counters as you make the flashcards)


    Reading/Writing Objective- increase reading/writing skills

    I can: ask and answer questions about stories.

    I can: ask and answer questions after listening to stories.

    I can: write the sounds I hear in a word


    • READ- independently read and parent read to child (everyday)


    • Istation Reading - 15-20 min a day (I’ll be checking)
    • Go to Pebble Go (MyHumble) or Tumble Books (BBE- library website) Draw, Label and Write about your favorite topic or book.
    • Sight Words- work on sight word list we sent home or you can find the list on our websites. Write them, find them in books, create flashcards, do matching games with them, sight word hunt around the house, write them in flour or sugar on the table or in a pan, get creative!


    Science/Social Studies - 

    I can: explore the world around me

    • Nature Walk or Scavenger Hunt 
    • Since St. Patrick’s Day is this week- what green items can you find? Draw and/or label, and write what you find