• Hello English 4 AP Students!

    Well, here we are again in unfamiliar territory together. When I met you as sophomores, we were dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. At the end of that school year, I could not have been prouder of your resilience during that time. And, to speak honestly for me, I am not sure I could have endured that year had it not been for YOU. Now, we find ourselves once again facing new challenges, and there is not a group of students I would rather face this obstacle with. We will certainly have trial and error, but I know we will perservere together. I am so proud to know the Kingwood High School Class of 2020. I will miss seeing you each day, and I look forward to our return. In the meantime . . .

    Each week, I will post a calendar directing you to specific lessons and learning opportunities. Any resources that you need to complete the assignments will be posted here and in Google Classroom. MOST submissions will occur via Google Classroom, but any other submission formats such as No Red Ink, My AP or Turnitin will be indicated in the calendar. You can work at your own pace to complete the daily acitivites and submit them by midnight on Friday of each week. With this submission deadline, I can begin giving you feedback on your work as soon as possible. 

    Remember, I am here for you! Reach out as you have questions. I look forward to seeing you again!

    Weekly Calendars

    May 18-22

    May 11-15

    May 4-8

    April 27-May 1

    April 20-24

    April 13-17

    April 6-10

    March 30-April 3

    March 23-27

    *Remember that the 3rd quarter ends on Friday, March 27. All make up test and reassessments need to by submitted by 3:00pm on Thursday to allow time for grading.