• First things First, please make sure your student goes to the Bear Branch webpage, click on the Student Tab, Click on My Humble

    from here you should be able to log into My Humble and access all of your student programs (especially Google Classroom) from this single sign-on

    examples of username (UN) and password (PW):

    UN: chrdoi1234

    PW: cd0000cd

    If your child forgot their logon information, please email me. However, all students should know their logon information at this point.


Reading/Writing, Math, Social Studies, Science

  •  Reading/Writing Assignments 

    I Can Statements or Learning Objectives: 

    I can read independently a self-chosen fiction book and analyze what I am reading.  

    I know characters and the changes they go through based on events that happen.  

    I recognize the different settings in a story. 

    I know the plot and can create it on my own. 

    I can write a summary with the use of proper revising and editing.  

    Assignment #1 for Google Classroom: 

    (My students have done this in the classroom before, so they should know what to do and how to do it.)  

    Google Slide Reading/Writing assignment about your favorite fiction book: 



    Tell about each character (4 to 6 sentences) 

    Did the characters change over time? Explain your answer (two sentences) 

    Setting (Include time and place) 

    Plot (introduction, raising action, climax, falling action, resolution)  

    Add a nice summary: be mindful of revising and editing requirements at least (5-10 sentences) 

    Must have at least 10 slides.  


    If students do not have a book at home, they can choose a title through Tumble Books. They can access this through the library tab on the BBE website. 


    Assignment #2: 

    60 minutes on Istation Reading this week (I will be checking your time you spend on Istation) 


    Other Resources students can use: 

    Students should be able to access several online resources through the library 

    web page. This includes:  

    Capstone Interactive Library 

    Tumble Books 

    PebbleGo- all categories 



  • Math Assignments

    I Can Statements or Learning Objectives:

    I can analyze a word problem to identify the behaviors  

    of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. 


    Assignment #1 Google Classroom:

    Students will need to go to Google Classroom to access the required math assignment we would like the students to complete this week.

    There are 3 required Quizziz assignments posted in Google Classroom that must be completed. 

    The Multiplication and Division Word Problem Quizziz (this is to be done by yourself, with no help)

    There are 2 additional Quizziz that are posted that are optional, but may be helpful as practice.

    There are step by step videos posted to each one to help you out. Watch them, you may find them helpful


    Assgnment #2

    Other Math learning opportunities:

    (At least) 30 mins First in Math this week

    (At least) 30 mins Math Istation this week

    Optional Extension:

    https://www.playfactile.com/hughesaddandsub (Jeopardy game)