Wow!  You never know what crazy things are going to happen in this world from one day to the next.  I hope you are all healthy and staying busy!  :)

    The next several weeks are going to be a little different from what we are used to, but if you've been in the habit of checking Google Classroom, watching the videos, checking the answer keys, etc., then this won't seem any different at all.  I will continue to keep the lesson plan up-to-date.  Instead of things being separated out in folders like I usually have them in Google Classroom, I've decided to put them all on one "live" document.  Just click the link, and it will open a document that includes all the documents you need to print and the notes keys that you need to copy, the videos to watch to enhance the notes and the assignments and answer keys for you to practice what you learn.  Don't stress over anything!  The best thing you can do is stay caught up and attend my Zoom tutorials when you need to for questions and extra explanation...after you watch the videos. (;  As far as assignments are will want to complete them to make sure you understand the material.  I don't know how they will be graded yet, so don't worry about that part.  Just do your best to stay caught up on everything, so that when we return we can pick up where we need to.  Enjoy working from home!  It's a privilege we don't get very often!  (:


    TI 84 Smartview Software- Graphing Calculator



  • Buzz & Woody


    KHS Algebra II 4th 9 Weeks - Online Learning Lesson Plan 

    This is a live Google Doc, so it will be updated periodically.  Make sure and check back on a daily basis for updates.

  • Online Tutoring

    Online Tutorials with your Favorite Teacher!  :)

    We will be using ZOOM for live sessions.  Just click the link for the session you would like to attend.  These are come-and-go sessions, so you are welcome to pop in and ask a question, then pop out, or stay for the full hour.  It's up to you!

    Online Tutoring Sessions