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    Welcome my awesome Master Weavers!

    This page is set up for your at-home weaving inspiration. You will find information to all of the projects we have worked on so far with either descriptions, videos or images to help you get started.

    Remember, you can use yarn, string, paper, magazines.... PLEASE ask permission first before using these items from home.

     Two new videos have been added- CHECK out the bottom of this page!!!


    • cut strips of paper (we used 12 inch strips in class)- magazines, newspaper, construction paper
    • over, under, over, under... over 2, under 2... you decide.

    paper weaving    weaving    weaving

    BRACELETS:   (click to see a short video tutorial)

    • Use the 4 inch disc you were given. If you do not have a disc, you can cut one from an old cereal box. Trace a 4 inch circle (mug, lid) and cut it out. You need 8 notches cut in to the disc as shown:

    1.disc  2.bracelet  3.bracelet

    • have an adult make a hole in the center of the disc. Be careful!
    • you will need 7 pieces of yard/ string tied together at one end.
    • put the knot through the hole in the middle. REMEMBER that the knot is on the bottom always- you don't weave with the knot strings.
    • with the knot on the bottom, place each string in one notch on the disc- as seen above. You will have one empty notch!
    • put your empty notch facing away from you, like the image above (image 2).
    • count backwards to the LEFT, 3 pieces of yarn
    • pull out that piece 
    • put that piece in the empty notch (which is still at the top)
    • NOW, you have a new empty notch right?
    • turn your disc so the NEW empty notch is at the top (like image 2).
    • count backwards to the LEFT, 3 pieces of yarn
    • pull it out
    • put it in the empty notch at the top
    • TURN your disc so the new empty notch is at the top (like the image)
    • count backwards to the LEFT, 3 pieces of yarn
    • pull it out and place it in the empty notch at the top....
    • REPEAT, REPEAT..... it's that easy!

    Your bracelet will appear through the hole (image 3). Every once in a while, run your fingers through the yarn to keep it from tangling.


    NEW! I tried this method. It is easier to create the loom but you cannot remove the weaving from the loom once you are finished. 

    • you will need a paper plate
    • measure and cut an ODD number of notches in to the edges- about every 2 inces around the plate
    • NEW!  have an adult poke a hole in the middle of the plate.
    • you will need to get yarn long enough to make the loom- about 3 arm pulls (the students know what this means).

    loom         weave   

    • tie the end of the long piece of yarn from yhe hole in the center around one notch (number 2).
    • you will wrap your yarn in each notch through the center of the plate every time (number 3)- continue until the whole plate is complete. Once all notches are full, tie off the end of the string/yarn to the original yarn piece on the back (number 4).
    • To begin the radial weaving, get a new color of yarn and bring it up through the hole in the middle from the back. Tie or tape this new yarn to the back for stability.
    • It is called a radial weave because the yarn will be moving in a circle.
    • You will weave just like you did with the paper weaving- over, under, over, under...
    • After a while you will begin to see a circle forming from the center.
    • You can change colors any time by tying on a new piece of yarn.
    • Keep going until you are happy.
    • Use all kinds of yarn and thread. It looks beautiful no matter what you choose.

    If you want to remove the weaving from your loom once you are finished, you will need to create the loom like we did in class. You will not use the method above with the hole in the center.


    finger weave

    • start with a long piece of yarn.
    • you can add more colors as you go by tying the yarn pieces together.
    • follow the tutorial

    Easy finger weaving video tutorial


    Weave a basket from a paper plate video 

    basket   basket  


    K- 2 Weaving Project

    3- 5 Weaving Project